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Music for an Urban Church
Albany Records

"For many years Saint Peter’s sanctuary has been the New York home of the Gregg Smith Singers, and for many Sundays its choir-loft has been graced by the presence of his wife. It seems only fitting that during Saint Peter’s celebration of its first one hundred and fifty years as a parish—in and of itself an unusual event in New York City, a place that has been more accurately described as a verb than a noun—thatMusic for an Urban Church should commemorate the decades-long adherence of this modern American composer to the church’s millennia-long tradition of 'singing unto the Lord a new song.'"
-Watson Bosler
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Track List

Jazz Music for Saint Peter's (1972)
1. Kyrie [3:27]
2. Gloria [6:16]
3. Credo [4:45]
4. Sanctus [4:47]
5. Benedictus [6:07]
6. Agnus Dei [3:04]

  Rosalind Rees, soprano | Fay Kittelson, alto
  Bruce Gifford, tenor | Walter Richardson, bass
  James Sullivan, trumpet | Wayne Wright, guitar
  John Carbone, bass | Michael Levanson, percussion
  Long Island Symphonic Choral Association
  Gregg Smith, conductor

7. Dedication Theme & Variations on “Our Father by whose servants our house was built of old” (1977) [9:42]
Rosalind Rees, soprano | Gordon Jones, organ
James Sullivan & Richard Weber, trumpets
Eugene Orcutt and Larry Benz, trombones
Long Island Symphonic Choral Association
Saint Peter’s Choir | Gregg Smith, conductor

8. Drake: “Lord you give the great commission” (1987) [4:53]
Saint Peter’s Choir & Congregation
Thomas Schmidt, organ & conductor

9. Seven Stanzas at Easter (1995) [6:20]
Saint Peter’s Choir
Thomas Schmidt, organ & conductor

10. Songs from a Liberal Heart (2005) [8:34]
Saint Peter’s Choir
Suzanne Ornstein, violin | Denise Cridge, viola
Matt Goeke, cello | Susan Deaver, flute
Madeline Sturm, clarinet | Daniel Hane, bassoon
Thomas Schmidt, organ | Gregg Smith, conductor

Missa Brevis (Mass for Saint Peter’s) (1994)
11. Lord, Have Mercy [3:11]
12. Glory to God [2:32]
13. Holy, Holy / Hosanna / Blessed / Hosanna [4:01]
14. Interlude, Lamb of God [3:31]

  Rosalind Rees, soprano | Elsa Larsson, alto
  Gregg Smith Singers | Thomas Schmidt, organ
  Eric Stewart, conductor

Total Time = 72:10