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In honor and memory of the historic work of American composer/conductor Gregg Smith and the Gregg Smith Singers, the Syracuse University Setnor School of Music, Department of Choral Studies is pleased to announce the 2017 Gregg Smith National Choral Composition Contest. This is a biennial event with the specific Syracuse University Setnor School of Music choral ensemble named for each contest.

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Here is Gregg the Composer!

Delicious Numbers Cover

On Delicious Numbers Albany Records (TROY1645), Gregg’s voice as a composer of solo works is being heard in commercial release for the first time! –Three major works dating from 1972, 1984, and 1998.

These works were chosen from Gregg’s 50 works for solo soprano, most of them written for Rosalind Rees and can be heard now as performed by soprano Eileen Clark, pianist Thomas Schmidt, violinist Ari Streisfeld, and clarinetist Evan Ziporyn.

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New CD Release

Choral Treasures

When the planning for this set of recordings first began, the driving concept was to revive interest in the American choral repertoire of the middle of the 20th century as represented by recordings made by the Gregg Smith Singers. With the death of Gregg Smith on July 12, 2016, these recordings also serve as a memorial to the career of a man whose devotion to choral music in general, and especially American choral music "of every time and place," was greater than that of almost any other of his generation.

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Remembering Gregg Smith

Remembering Gregg Smith

Gregg Smith, conductor, composer, and founder of the Gregg Smith Singers, died on Tuesday July 12, 2016.

Read: Gregg Smith, Choral Leader Who Elevated Standards, Dies at 84 - The New York Times

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"Gregg Smith is one of the great choral conductors of our time"
The New York Times, March 8, 2002

The Singers are one of the most recorded classical choirs in the world with over 130 albums, cassettes, and CDs produced during their existence. Although the Singers have offered hundreds of workshops for conductors, singers and teachers in the past, the main focus in recent years has been toward composers - mainly in the form of readings. In the past decade they have read nearly 300 new works and performed and recorded 60 of them. read more...

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